How to be a Star employee?

November 28, 2017


For starters, you need to be sincere in the way you manage your relationships at work i,e with your colleagues, customers and most importantly with your manager. You must manage your manager with sincerity.


Among all the relationships at workplace, one of the most important relationships is the one that you share with your manager. If you really think through, you will realize the way you feel about your work place is largely dependent on how your relationship with your reporting manager is. The stronger working relationship you have with your reporting manager, the better your work place environment will be and will bring out the best in you.

Most employees look up to their reporting managers for opportunities, assignments, recognition and appreciation at work. But how many employees really understand the reporting managers’ challenge and empathize with his/her position? Mostly, employees fail to recognize this critical aspect and lose out on the opportunity to build a strong working relationship with the manager.




You can be different and inculcate the necessary qualities to become a Star Employee, here are some inputs to set you thinking about how to manage your manager with sincerity.


1. Anticipate your boss’ work needs: Your manager has a task at hand, his/her job is larger than yours and more complex. You boss may not always delegate everything that is on his/her plate. As a cooperative team member, you should anticipate your boss’ needs at work and work towards getting those done without being asked.


2. Maintain information flow: As a conscientious employee, make sure you keep the information flowing from your end to your manager at all times. In the various other activities that requires your boss’ attention, he/she may forget to check with you on information that can make his/her work easier. You can step in here and share informations proactively that may benefit your boss. Sharing of information proactively is critical to Career Development 


3. Make your boss look good: One of the fundamental ways fo being a star employee is to make your boss look good. If you have been assigned a job to complete, make sure you give your best and complete the task with excellence. Remember, since your boss trusts your abilities, he/she has assigned a job to you. By doing our job well, you are contributing to your boss’s job turning out well too. When your boss looks good at work, you get your share of recognition too.


4. It is wise to build trust:  Every manager wants to trust his team. Someone the boss can completely trust with assignments, information and sometime even confidential activities and information. If you want to be the one, you must work at building trust with your boss. and you have to do it with utmost sincerity and not just to reap the benefits of being the confidante. Being ‘trustworthy’ has to be your professional virtue. Build trust to win trust. It’s in the right surely is going to advance your career in the right direction.


5. Be tolerant to your boss’s working style: As a professional, we all have the right to choose the best and most natural professional styles for ourselves. If you take a hard look at your own professional conduct,you would see a pattern in which you behave, approach and apply yourself at work. Similarly, you boss has a specific style at work too. You may disagree with is/her working style however, it pays to be tolerant to your boss’s working style and suit yourself to that. This may look difficult initially but once you take the first step, rest will follow.


Remember, we need to suit ourselves to our seniors, it is not the other way round. So, focus on your circle of influence rather than wasting your energy is concentration upon your circle of concern.


The other important thing to keep in my mind is while you follow the above tips, you must follow them in earnest. You cannot manage your manager in reality if you are not doing it with sincerity. Remember, your manager can see through your actions and behavior and any element of pretention may cost you your career.


Be honest, sincere and genuinely empathize with your boss for what he/she is and how he/she tries to make your work environment that of challenges and development. Being your boss’ trusted employee itself eases a lot of career roadblocks and it makes a smoother journey to achieve your career goals.


If you are a serious Career Builder, you wouldn’t want to risk your career path meandering through difficult roads at all times, right? It pays to be an intelligent, savvy and an astute team member to be a Star Employee.



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